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Emory and Mary


Haiti Construction Ministry

Emory and Mary Wilson .jpg

Emory and Mary Wilson, originally from St. Simons, Georgia, are now almost full time in coastal Haiti working on construction projects, serving the community by providing a felt material need - safe and comfortable shelter - and a spiritual need - the good news of the freedom found in the Gospel.

Many of their projects involve building housing for individuals and families. After a hurricane ripped the roofs off homes and buildings in a community, Emory bought a load of roofing tin and began reroofing buildings for the whole community. In one circumstance, Emory built a homeless man a house out of a hollow tree and used the time building to share the good news of the Gospel with the man he was building the house for!

Thank you for your ongoing prayer and support of Emory and Mary's work! Because you are willing to partner with them in supporting their construction projects, people in Haiti are able to hear and respond to the Gospel. 

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