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Jim & Susie Horne

Missionaries, Crossroads Ministries

Mombasa, Kenya

Jim And Susie.jpg

Jim and Susie Horne have served in Kenya for over 30 years. They raised their family in Kenya and started multiple ministries which are thriving. They have three grown children who have brought them the delight of being grandparents!

Jim and Susie felt a call in their lives to touch the lives of unreached people groups in Kenya. They have done so through starting numerous schools, feeding centers, churches, a Bible college and dug wells in communities. Jim and Susie have profoundly touched thousands of lives in Kenya! 

Child Sponsorship Program

Because of Jim and Susies' dedication to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, children's lives are changed as they receive a proper education they otherwise would not have had. 

Thank you for sponsoring a child and supporting our work in Kenya.

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