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Karl Olsson

Stand in the Gap Ministries

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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Dear Friends,

First of all, we want to thank you for your continuing support so we can continue being a part of helping Haiti and her people.​

We are excited to once again to represent our God and you in our ministry in Haiti. Recently we hosted a group from St. Louis, MO that worked in the school and church with our good friend, Pastor Samuel. This group painted the building we've been working on to get it ready for school.

During the following week, we teamed up with Christian Light Ministries and a medical team from the US to host a medical clinic outside of Port-au-Prince. With a lack of health clinics available in the area, the team was a wonderful blessing for the people living in that area. There is a clinic built soon after the 2010 earthquake, but it hasn't been used and has fallen into disrepair. Christian Light wants to make it into a useable clinic for the people in this area, but a lot of work needs to be done. When finished, this will be a wonderful blessing for these people.

So, thank you for your support and your prayers as we prepare and work in Haiti. We are so blessed to continue working in Haiti and the Haitian people...thank you for keeping us going.



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