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Marie Prinvil

Mission School Director 

El Shaddai Orphanage | DeSources, Haiti


Marie Prinvil was raised in Jacksonville, FL and worked for the Florida Baptist Convention for a number of years before returning to Haiti to start an orphanage and school in the town of DeSources. Partnered with her "sister" and right arm, Elizabeth Clacker, who lives with her in Haiti for nine months of the year, Marie built multiple churches in the area and grew the school to around 30 children. 

Despite Marie's faithfulness, the Lord does not promise that our life and work will be easy.

One night, 12-15 armed men came over the wall and held up the school. Marie acted quickly to protect the students by locking them in a room with a staff member and paying off the bandits. Unfortunately, they later returned for more money and Marie had to pay them off again. 

As a result of these robberies, Marie could no longer run the school. She shut down the school and placed the children in private homes, caring for them remotely while working to get the school up and running again. In 2019, Marie was able to get the school operating and re-opened its doors to students.

Despite the challenges of ministering to the DeSources community through robberies and earthquakes, Marie has remained faithful to her calling to serving the children in her area, building churches, and pointing people to Christ. She continues to press on, trusting in the Lord to provide for her, her students, and the community. 

Thank you for praying for and supporting the work the Lord is doing through Marie in DeSources, Haiti. Because of your generosity and the Lord's faithfulness, Marie has been able to care for many children in the area, providing them a great education, love, and the message of Christ's affection for them.


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