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How Love Restored Hope In Turbulent Times

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

- Beverly Burton, Mission School Director in Petit Goave, Haiti -

The months of September through December 2019 were more difficult for Haitians than ever before. 

The country experienced constant rioting and gang control of the streets. As the chaos, violence, and consequent government lockdown dragged on, work became impossible to find. Families struggled to buy food, and our students and staff began to starve.

I went to Texas in December 2019 and stayed through January.

While I was there, I talked to God about His children - my students and staff in Haiti - continuously.

He gave me the idea to ask our US partners to write encouraging letters to the students and staff. I suggested including a small monetary donation to help our students buy food, which was and is still a significant need.

The Lord's faithfulness and our partners' generosity blessed us with an incredible response. Students will receive their cards during Partner Week.

In addition to notes sent to students, many partners also included money in their notes to the staff. Every staff member was very appreciative; one was so overwhelmed that she burst into uncontrollable tears. Another said her family did without food for many days, and she was overcome with feeling loved.

Another messaged me this, and I feel privileged to share her thank-you with everyone who lovingly and generously supported these dear friends through a difficult time.

The struggle to survive is crushing to the spirit, but God heard and revived His staff.

God brought hope to His children in Haiti through His children in the United States.

My heart is filled with His joy. 

Christian Light Ministries is an evangelical missionary sending organization based in Jacksonville, Fl.

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