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Rachel Collins

Former Missionary Teacher

Christian Academy, Petit Goave, Haiti

Rachelle eneldine.jpg

Born and raised in New Hampshire, the first time I went to Haiti I was fourteen. After the second day I knew I must return. Six more times I returned for week-length visits through high school and college, doing everything from Vacation Bible School to lugging blocks and boards for building.


After graduating with my Bachelors Degree in English Literature in 2013, I continued to search for placement in Haiti, to no avail. Instead, I earned my Teaching English as Foreign Language certification and moved to South Korea in June 2015 to teach English. I thought to gain experience teaching and living abroad, and save money to fund living in Haiti. At my contract’s end I returned Stateside and was offered position as an English teacher at Christian Academy of Petit Goave in Haiti. God granted me the opportunity to follow my long-time desire of serving in Haiti! In September 2016 I began teaching second grade English at the school. Through the year I expanded to teach math and Bible and first grade English as well, and grew in my confidence, Creole skills, and faith.

“Ti” Goave became home, and I lived with my co-worker Beverly Burton from Texas and a local Haitian family. The school is blessed with ten Haitian staff and now 150 students aged 3 to 8. The school provides a hot meal, clean water, first aid, a safe and creative space, education, Christian teaching and love to the third-world poor. The team impacts the community at large, giving value and opportunity to children who would otherwise have none.


While circumstances changed and I needed to return to the United States, I am so grateful for my time working and sweating for Jesus, paid in blessings abundant far superior to a salary. Prayer and donations are still gratefully accepted and will go to my former partner, Beverly Burton, to support the school in Petit Goave.

“Madame Rachelle”

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