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Thomas Kareti

Christian Community Development Mission

Chittoor and Nellore, India


Thomas was an orphan stringing flowers on the street in Hyderabad, India when an Operation Mobilization staffer took him by the hand and said, "come with me." From that moment, Thomas' life changed and he was placed on a path toward knowing Christ and dedicating his life to helping others know Him, too. 

For over a decade, Thomas has counseled students and led student Bible studies. As he teaches them, he disciples them to know Jesus as their Savior and develop a loving relationship with him. When economic crises hit, people living in poverty or just above the poverty line bear the highest burden as their economic situations and access to community safety nets are more fragile. During shutdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Thomas and his team distributed packages of food and basic provision to community members who were not able to find work during the shutdown.

To help support himself and his family, Thomas takes whatever teaching jobs he can as a source of income and is pursuing a degree to increase his earnings potential.  By supporting Thomas, you can help provide increased financial stability so Thomas can focus more time on his mission work.

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